Dermatology, treatment for varicose veins and medical-cosmetic care

We offer both insured and uninsured care at our clinics in Den Haag, Utrecht, Nijmegen and Amsterdam.

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The Mauritskliniek specialises in dermatological conditions, varicose veins and medical-cosmetic care. We provide high-quality care tailored to your needs and a friendly, clear, smoothly-run service.

You can find our clinics in Den Haag, Utrecht, Nijmegen and Amsterdam. We provide insured and uninsured care.

Do you have questions about the services we offer? Our English-speaking customer service team is more than happy to help, call us on +31 (0) 88 628 7400

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In principle, your visit to the Mauritskliniek will be covered by Dutch basic health insurance with a referral from your doctor (keep in mind your obligatory excess). If you have a foreign healthcare insurance, please check your insurance policy. If you wish to receive treatments that are not insured, our doctors will always discuss this with you.

Frequently Asked Questions


Everyone who lives in the Netherlands has to have a healthcare insurance. There are plenty of companies who offer this insurance. Which one you choose is up to you. This insurance consists of a basic package. You can always add extra packages such as visits to the dentist. The costs of this are different for each company, that is why it is important to choose an insurance company that fits you best. Within the Dutch healthcare system, there is a term called ‘eigen risico’. Translated this would be ‘your own risk’ and it basically means that there is a certain sum of €385, – that everyone over 18 has to pay at the end of every year. That is if they made use of any medical care that is not covered within the basic healthcare package. After this sum is paid, you can continue to get the care and treatments that you need, and it will be reimbursed by your health care insurer from there on. So, initially the first €385, – are paid by yourself. It is important to check with your insurance what falls under your basic package.

Is a visit to Mauritskliniek more expensive than to a regular hospital?

No, with a referral from your GP, your visit to us will be reimbursed by your health insurer. We have contracts with all health insurers in the Netherlands. The criteria for specialist medical care that falls within the basic insurance package, are the same for all healthcare institutions. Please take your ‘eigen risico’ into account, of course. If you would like a treatment that is not covered by the insured care, your practitioner will always discuss this with you in advance.

Do I need a referral letter?

You need a referral letter from your doctor if you want to make an appointment for an initial consult for skin conditions (dermatology), varicose veins or proctology. With a referral from your GP, the first visit to Mauritskliniek is covered by your healthcare insurance (always take into account your ‘eigen risico’ first). If you wish to get other treatments that are not covered by your insurance, the doctor will always discuss this with you first.

Your GP will send the referral letter to Mauritskliniek digitally. After that you can call us to make an appointment. Keep the ZorgDomein number, that is mentioned on the referral letter, with you during the call so we can help you immediately with making the appointment.

You do not need a referral letter for treatments at the skin therapist. You pay for the intake / treatment yourself and can subsequently declare this to your insurer. To be eligible for (partial) reimbursement for treatments with a skin therapist, you must be additionally insured for skin therapy. You can check this in your insurance package or ask your insurer.

I do not have a Dutch healthcare insurance; will my treatment still get reimbursed?

Mauritskliniek cannot indicate whether the treatment will be reimbursed by your insurer.
You must contact your insurer to be informed clearly about this matter.

You will receive an invoice for a treatment that is covered by the basic package and for which you have a referral letter. You can declare this invoice yourself by sending it to your insurer. Non-insured care (for example medical-cosmetic) can be paid for directly at the counter.

When do I have to pay the ‘eigen risico’?

Everyone who lives in the Netherlands and is over 18 and makes use of medical care that is not covered in your basic package, is required to pay the ‘eigen risico’. The government has decided for the ‘eigen risico’ to cost €385. You therefore pay the first €385 in healthcare costs for the use of healthcare that falls under the ‘eigen risico’. After paying this sum, making use of healthcare out of your basic package will be reimbursed. If you don’t make any use of medical care that falls under ‘eigen risico’, you will not have to pay for it and you only pay your monthly insurance costs.

The health insurer can also exclude certain health care providers, health care programs, medicines and medical aids from the ‘eigen risico’. Therefore, it is important to check if your treatment is covered by your basic package and reimbursed or if it requires you to pay the €385 first.

What should I bring with me to my first consult?

– Your insurance card
– Your identity card (passport, ID-card, drivers license)
– Referral letter from your GP, without a referral letter, your consultation and any treatment will not be reimbursed.
– Your medical file (if you have been treated in the past, you can request your medical file)
– An up-to-date medication overview (you can request this from your pharmacy)

Why do I have to pay such a high sum for a few visits to a doctor?

There is a certain fixed period where one or more consultations and/or other healthcare activities can take place. Once this period is over, this period is basically a healthcare product that has a price. Your healthcare insurer and healthcare provider will negotiate this price. The prices are based on an average consult/treatment and do not depend on duration of those. But because this price is based on an average, the healthcare product might turn out expensive or inexpensive, depending on the amount of use. Mauritskliniek has no influence on this effect.

Why do I still have to pay a high price for a telephone or video consult?

A telephone or video consult is charged the same way as a physical (first) consult. A doctor and patient do not have to physically meet at the clinic for a consult. Your dermatologist / practitioner is in a good position to give the correct diagnosis and to start the treatment with you after a telephone or video consult.

To guarantee the quality of a treatment, several consults can also take place via email, telephone or video (screen-to-screen). These are also charged in the same way a physical ‘face to face’ outpatient clinic visit would be charged. This is in line with the agreements of the health insurer and the laws and regulations.

I received the bill for the treatment a while after my visit, why did it take so long to receive the bill?

It is possible that insurers only pass on the costs of the ‘eigen risico’ or uninsured care after a longer period of time. Mauritskliniek has no influence on the timing and the way in which a health insurer will do this.

Can I cancel my appointment?

Mauritskliniek is continuously improving its quality of care. Unfortunately, it often occurs that a patient does not come to an appointment without cancelling on time. As a result, the doctor or practitioner cannot use this valuable time for another patient and the waiting time for other patients increases. In addition, a treatment has the best result if all appointments are attended. Mauritskliniek passes on the costs of this to patients who do not show up without cancelling on time. This so-called no-show rate is in accordance with the policy of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport.

If you are unable to attend an appointment, you must let us know at least 24 hours in advance. This can be done by calling us on: 088 628 74 00. The line is available from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Non-payment rate for insured care
If you cancel too late or don’t cancel at all, Mauritskliniek will charge you for the costs. You must pay € 55 for not showing up or canceling an appointment too late and this sum cannot be claimed from your health insurer.

Non-insured care leave rate
If you cancel too late or not, Mauritskliniek will charge you the full costs of the intended treatment.

My treatment is covered by my insurance, why did I still receive an invoice from my healthcare insurer?

With a referral letter from your GP, your first visit will be covered and reimbursed by your insurer. As a clinic, we declare the consultation with your healthcare insurer. If you have not “used up” your ‘eigen risico’ for that year, your health insurer will send you an invoice after some time. It is possible that insurers do this only after a longer period of time. We have no influence on the timing and the way in which a health insurer does this.

If you subsequently undergo treatment that is not covered by the insured care, you pay for this treatment directly at the counter. Your doctor will always discuss this with you in advance.