Do I need a referral letter?

You need a referral letter from your doctor if you want to make an appointment for an initial consult for skin conditions (dermatology), varicose veins or proctology. With a referral from your GP, the first visit to Mauritskliniek is covered by your healthcare insurance (always take into account your ‘eigen risico’ first). If you wish to get other treatments that are not covered by your insurance, the doctor will always discuss this with you first.

Your GP will send the referral letter to Mauritskliniek digitally. After that you can call us to make an appointment. Keep the ZorgDomein number, that is mentioned on the referral letter, with you during the call so we can help you immediately with making the appointment.

You do not need a referral letter for treatments at the skin therapist. You pay for the intake / treatment yourself and can subsequently declare this to your insurer. To be eligible for (partial) reimbursement for treatments with a skin therapist, you must be additionally insured for skin therapy. You can check this in your insurance package or ask your insurer.

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