Everyone who lives in the Netherlands has to have a healthcare insurance. There are plenty of companies who offer this insurance. Which one you choose is up to you. This insurance consists of a basic package. You can always add extra packages such as visits to the dentist. The costs of this are different for each company, that is why it is important to choose an insurance company that fits you best. Within the Dutch healthcare system, there is a term called ‘eigen risico’. Translated this would be ‘your own risk’ and it basically means that there is a certain sum of €385, – that everyone over 18 has to pay at the end of every year. That is if they made use of any medical care that is not covered within the basic healthcare package. After this sum is paid, you can continue to get the care and treatments that you need, and it will be reimbursed by your health care insurer from there on. So, initially the first €385, – are paid by yourself. It is important to check with your insurance what falls under your basic package.

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