When do I have to pay the ‘eigen risico’?

Everyone who lives in the Netherlands and is over 18 and makes use of medical care that is not covered in your basic package, is required to pay the ‘eigen risico’. The government has decided for the ‘eigen risico’ to cost €385. You therefore pay the first €385 in healthcare costs for the use of healthcare that falls under the ‘eigen risico’. After paying this sum, making use of healthcare out of your basic package will be reimbursed. If you don’t make any use of medical care that falls under ‘eigen risico’, you will not have to pay for it and you only pay your monthly insurance costs.

The health insurer can also exclude certain health care providers, health care programs, medicines and medical aids from the ‘eigen risico’. Therefore, it is important to check if your treatment is covered by your basic package and reimbursed or if it requires you to pay the €385 first.

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